Every year home owners across Houston spend countless amounts of money on wood privacy fence. The fences help to shade the backyard, offer a certain amount of security, keep pets and children contained, and give the home owner privacy while in their back yard. With the rising cost of lumber it makes good sense to protect this valuable investment. Wood Defender fence stain and sealant works to beautify, protect and preserve the fence.

Prevention Of Rooting

Wood is prone to rotting if it is used outdoors without being sealed. Not only will rot make wood projects less visually pleasing, but it can also create a hazard of collapse. Rot can develop in a variety of ways, but mold, mildew and termites are a few of the most common culprits. Furthermore, once rot begins, there is no real way to stop the process. Staining wood projects right away and applying re-coats regularly is crucial to avoiding rot in the first place.

The benefits of wood stains are numerous and impressive. Compared to paint, stain can be more economical, easier to use and longer-lasting while also letting the natural look of wood shine through. With these advantages in mind, consumers should take time to consider if staining is the better choice after finishing any outdoor wood project.